Ohio To Work is an initiative that gives Ohio job seekers access to resources and programs to help them get back to work and write their own success stories.

Across the state, Ohioans are looking for jobs and new careers. Employers need skilled and work-ready employees. And organizations across the state are already doing great work to empower job seekers. Ohio To Work is the culmination of partner organizations at the regional level to connect job seekers to long-term career opportunities with Ohio’s employers.

About the Initiative

Ohio To Work, an initiative from JobsOhio and supporting partners, helps job-seeking Ohioans find career resources to find work or to move into long-term careers with local employers. Ohio To Work brings together existing organizations to reach unemployed and at-risk workers in Ohio by expanding coaching and support services, career services, tools, training programs and supplementing funding options to cover training costs – giving any Ohioan looking for a job the tools they need to find work.

The Ohio To Work initiative will sunset at the end of 2022. However, efforts from the initiative and the commitment to workforce development will continue. Coaching and support services, career services, tools, training, and funding opportunities will be available through local workforce partners.

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Jenna Kuehl

“Manufacturing isn’t always about physical labor. You have people that can come in and do assemblies and work with electrical components. I started my career as a lower-level associate and I’ve worked my way up through the years to become a Quality Manager at Libra Industries.”

Jenna Kuehl, Quality Manager – Libra Industries

Ariel Acuna, Vigilant

“We are a Cybersecurity company and we work with our clients to not only identify any threats that come in but also help mediate and help service them along the way. Our teammates are our family. We believe that we can bring great talent and help grow them… We create an environment that people want to work at!”

Ariel Acuna, Chief People Office – Vigilant 

Shawn Hendrix, President - Nissen Chemitec America, Inc.

“Manufacturing has continued to grow and develop and become a clean working environment – whether you’re making automotive parts like my company or if you’re making beverages or food – whatever it may be. Cleanliness is really important in manufacturing to also ensure the quality of your products. There are a lot of career opportunities available in the field and you’re also going to find that it is one of the higher-paying career choices – even at the entry-level.”

Shawn Hendrix, President – Nissen Chemitec America, Inc.

Bernard Jones headshot

“My new job allowed me the opportunity to grow and live a better life. I can now remodel my home and do so many things that I couldn’t thanks to my job.”

Bernard J., Heavy Machinery Operator – ELLWOOD Aluminum

Katrina headshot

“Had it not been for Marti [Goodwill Columbus Coach] and her connections, I would not have had this opportunity. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Knowing Marti is what helped me get to where I am today!”

Katrina W., Patient Support Specialist – PrimaryOne Health

Olympio W., Cleveland job seeker training at Cuyahoga Community College

“When I was in high school, I did a program called Urban League. After I graduated, I was in a college course for Occupational Therapy and I didn’t really enjoy it that much. So I had hit [Urban League of Greater Cleveland coach] Nate Phillips back up about different opportunities about machining and manufacturing, and how I could get my foot in the door because it was what I had liked to do. I did the program, I passed the first part of the program, I passed the program, and now I’m on my way to be a CNC Machiner.”

Olympio W., Cleveland job seeker training at Cuyahoga Community College

Linda M., Cleveland graduate of We Can Code It

“I would not have been able to take [the We Can Code It] bootcamp if it weren’t for the tuition reimbursement. I was unemployed, so all I was getting was the unemployment and there was no way that I could afford the tuition. So, by making that accessible, I had to pay a portion of it, but I feel like it was money so well spent. I feel like We Can Code It took the worst year of my life and turned it around.”

Linda M., Cleveland graduate of We Can Code It

Marté S., Cleveland Tech Elevator graduate now employed full time

“I was put in front of a several employers and a lot of them had expressed interest, whether they had positions available or not, they definitely expressed interest. The help as far as the [Tech Elevator] Pathway program and the [employer] matchmaking, that made a huge difference, and I think that made the difference that gave me the chance or, at least, presented me the opportunity and took it, to get employed at Gainwell.”

Marté S., Cleveland Tech Elevator graduate now employed full time


“I had been applying for jobs all over the place, and my training coach helped me find my current role in less than two months. Thanks to the initiative, I am now a Patient Access Representative at the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. This is a full-time position with great benefits and vacation time, and there’s a clear path to becoming a team lead. Before this experience, my mental health was suffering, but now my overall outlook is improved.”

Allison F., Cleveland job seeker now employed full time

“The Ohio To Work “Interview Days” are great for our job seekers. These Interview Days focus on particular industries where we have many job seekers with specific experience, training and interests. Right now, I’m working with a woman who has finished classes in a particular industry but was facing dead-ends for interviews.”

Nate Phillips, Career Coach, Urban League of Greater Cleveland

“Whatever it takes. I was scheduled to meet my client at the library to walk him through the process, but the library was closed due to COVID. We don’t give up easily. I called a program coordinator who was able to connect him to an employer hiring for his skills.”

Karen Gusik, Career Coach, Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio

“I interviewed and got the job. Now I’m a line operator at Mace Security. It’s a full-time position with a good owner and a lot of good people working there. I’m working the third shift which is good for me because I have kids and I’m attending classes to add to my manufacturing skills.”

Will S., Cleveland job seeker now employed full-time

Jan Cooper

“I was already researching boot camps when my career coach told me about their collaboration with Tech Elevator. Tech Elevator’s high review scores were appealing, and the training grant made enrollment feasible.”

Jan C., Cleveland Tech Elevator Bootcamp graduate

“We found the virtual career fair program and platform [powered by Ohio To Work] easy to use, and excellent support was provided for out booth set-up and the chat feature was especially helpful. We definitely reached some candidates that have good potential to be hired.”

Hayley Whalen, Professional Cabling Solutions, Cincinnati

“Prior to the virtual career fair [powered by Ohio To Work] we went through ALL of the registrants, looking for people that were interested in manufacturing or weren’t sure what they were looking for and invited them to our booth. One name caught our eye, it was a person who had previously been on assignment with Mace through an employment agency. We invited him to our booth and this candidate is one of three people hired at Mace from the virtual career fair. The virtual career fair was well worth my time spent. In addition to our new hires, it created a nice pipeline of candidates for upcoming positions as well!”

HR Manager, Mace Security International

smiling woman with headband

“Before the pandemic, I was performing well in my career field. Then COVID hit. At first, I was just furloughed but then my job went away. And it wasn’t coming back. I attended an Ohio To Work information session and learned about the We Can Code It program. I knew another opportunity like this would never come along again. I was able to get scholarships through Ohio To Work and We Can Code It, so there were no costs to me except books.”

Amiyra A., Cleveland We Can Code It Bootcamp graduate

Ohio To Work Partners

Ohio To Work is a group of regional workforce partner organizations and employers who support Ohioans looking for a new job or career.


Ohio To Work workforce partners offer life-changing career resources that connected job seekers can exclusively access – including personalized career coaching, career matching tools, access to accelerated training options and the funding options to make your training experience affordable.

Our partners deliver these benefits in local communities, helping you find work where you live.


Partnering employers form a community of strong business leaders committed to lifting Ohio’s economy by helping everyone find stable careers.


Our sponsors are proud to provide this collection of practical career resources to Ohio’s job seekers.