Cleveland Career Resources

Ohio To Work partners helped more than 64,000 job seekers in the Cleveland area find meaningful employment, upskilling or reskilling opportunities, and career resources.

While the Ohio To Work initiative has transitioned to a regional collaboration, the dedicated workforce partners will continue to provide career-building services that can lead to new opportunities with long-term benefits.

If you would like to access free services like personalized career coaching, accelerated training options and funding opportunities, contact one of the organizations below.

Urban League Cleveland
The Urban League of Greater Cleveland

Empowering African Americans, and other minority communities, by providing programming that changes lives, our job coaches, skills training and employer-matching opportunities can put you on the road to your next career.

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Goodwill Cleveland
Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio

Offering job-skills programs, resume building and interview coaching, Goodwill Industries helps remove potential barriers to your success with job coaches who can connect you to good jobs that pay well.

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Ohio Means Jobs Cleveland
OhioMeansJobs | Cleveland-Cuyahoga County

Matching you with the right employer for long-term career success, OhioMeansJobs coaches offer personalized services to help you discover opportunities, learn new skills and take the best next step in your career.

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Olympio W., Cleveland job seeker training at Cuyahoga Community College

“When I was in high school, I did a program called Urban League. After I graduated, I was in a college course for Occupational Therapy and I didn’t really enjoy it that much. So I had hit [Urban League of Greater Cleveland coach] Nate Phillips back up about different opportunities about machining and manufacturing, and how I could get my foot in the door because it was what I had liked to do. I did the program, I passed the first part of the program, I passed the program, and now I’m on my way to be a CNC Machiner.”

Olympio W., Cleveland job seeker training at Cuyahoga Community College

Linda M., Cleveland graduate of We Can Code It

“I would not have been able to take [the We Can Code It] bootcamp if it weren’t for the tuition reimbursement. I was unemployed, so all I was getting was the unemployment and there was no way that I could afford the tuition. So, by making that accessible, I had to pay a portion of it, but I feel like it was money so well spent. I feel like We Can Code It took the worst year of my life and turned it around.”

Linda M., Cleveland graduate of We Can Code It

Marté S., Cleveland Tech Elevator graduate now employed full time

“I was put in front of a several employers and a lot of them had expressed interest, whether they had positions available or not, they definitely expressed interest. The help as far as the [Tech Elevator] Pathway program and the [employer] matchmaking, that made a huge difference, and I think that made the difference that gave me the chance or, at least, presented me the opportunity and took it, to get employed at Gainwell.”

Marté S., Cleveland Tech Elevator graduate now employed full time


“I had been applying for jobs all over the place, and my training coach helped me find my current role in less than two months. Thanks to the initiative, I am now a Patient Access Representative at the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. This is a full-time position with great benefits and vacation time, and there’s a clear path to becoming a team lead. Before this experience, my mental health was suffering, but now my overall outlook is improved.”

Allison F., Cleveland job seeker now employed full time

“I interviewed and got the job. Now I’m a line operator at Mace Security. It’s a full-time position with a good owner and a lot of good people working there. I’m working the third shift which is good for me because I have kids and I’m attending classes to add to my manufacturing skills.”

Will S., Cleveland job seeker now employed full-time

Jan Cooper

“I was already researching boot camps when my career coach told me about their collaboration with Tech Elevator. Tech Elevator’s high review scores were appealing, and the training grant made enrollment feasible.”

Jan C., Cleveland Tech Elevator Bootcamp graduate

smiling woman with headband

“Before the pandemic, I was performing well in my career field. Then COVID hit. At first, I was just furloughed but then my job went away. And it wasn’t coming back. I attended an Ohio To Work information session and learned about the We Can Code It program. I knew another opportunity like this would never come along again. I was able to get scholarships through Ohio To Work and We Can Code It, so there were no costs to me except books.”

Amiyra A., Cleveland We Can Code It Bootcamp graduate

Have questions about Ohio To Work? We’ve got answers!

Q & A

Ohio To Work Arrow
What was Ohio To Work?

Ohio To Work, an initiative from JobsOhio, helped job-seeking Ohioans find career resources or move into long-term careers with local employers in the healthcare, manufacturing and tech industries. Ohio To Work allowed workforce partners the opportunity to expand their coaching and support services, network partners, tools, and training programs – giving any Ohioan looking for a job the tools they needed to find work.

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Why did Ohio To Work end?

Ohio To Work was created in a direct response to the unemployment levels caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As unemployment rates return to pre-pandemic levels, the Ohio To Work initiative has concluded in 2022 as originally planned.

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What resources will be available to job seekers after Ohio To Work?

The mission of Ohio To Work was to connect job seekers with career resources, all of which will remain after the brand’s conclusion. Job seeker resources will be available through organizations like Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, OhioMeansJobs – Cleveland-Cuyahoga County, and The Urban League of Greater Cleveland.

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Who should I contact about Ohio To Work?

If you have a question about Ohio To Work, please reach out to

Cleveland Regional Sponsors

Our sponsors are proud to provide this collection of career resources to job seekers in the Greater Cleveland area.